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If you’re struggling under the weight of unaffordable debt a Trust Deed may be the solution that lifts that weight from your shoulders.

Reduce your debt repayments to one affordable monthly payment

Our partner deals with your creditors so you don’t have to

Unaffordable debt will be written off at the end of the plan

Keep your home if you stick to your plan

No up front fees

Freeze charges and interest

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We can help with debts with all major creditors, including...


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Work out a solution that's just right for you

Your Trust Deed proposal is put to your creditors for approval

When agreed you begin making affordable monthly payments. No more contact from your creditors and interest and charges stop building up if you keep up payments.

Stick to the agreement and any outstanding debts are written off.

Mrs P, Telford

Owed money to Blackhorse, Capital One, Halifax, Santander, BT, Sky, and Talk Talk, totalling to £27,450. Mrs P was paying around £550 a month.
We arranged an IVA and Mrs P then paid £110 a month for 60 months. She paid back a total of £6,600 with £20,850 of her debt being written off.

Mr M, Keith

Owed money to Santander, Halifax, Payday Lenders, Council Tax and a HP Agreement, totalling £33,500. Mr M was paying £800 a month.
We arranged a Trust Deed and Mr M then paid £191 a month for 48 months. He paid back a total of £9,168 with £24,332 of his debt being written off.

A Trust Deed is a scheme available in Scotland that uses government legislation to help you pay off your debts in affordable monthly payments.

The payments are based on your ability to pay and are usually spread over a four year period. It is a legally binding agreement between you and your creditors (people who you owe money to).

Provided that you continue to pay the agreed amount every month you will be protected from further action from your creditors and at the end of the term your creditors will write off all remaining debts. You will not have to deal with your creditors directly as all negotiations are conducted by an Insolvency Practitioner on your behalf.

How We Can Help You

Pay what you can afford

Prevent charges and interest building up

Your debts could be settled in full in only 4 years if you stick to the plan

A route to regaining control of your finances

Our friendly and knowledgeable partner can talk you through every stage

No up front fees or hidden charges

Whilst the Insolvency Practitioner will agree the level of payment that fits with your ability to pay failure to make your payments will result in the IVA failing and may then result in bankruptcy. If your circumstances change you should let the Insolvency Practitioner know as soon as possible so they can try to renegotiate with your creditors.

If you maintain the payments your house is protected from repossession. Though if you own your home you will be asked to release some of the ‘equity’ (the difference between the value of your home and the mortgage secured on it) in your home to help fund the payments along with selling any valuable assets.

Your Trust Deed must be approved by your credi- tors but all creditors (whether they agreed or not) will be bound by the Trust Deed. Creditors may expect a better return than alternative recovery methods, which is why many approve the Trust Deed. Secured creditors (such as your mortgage company) are not bound by the Trust Deed.

There are no extra costs associated with your Trust Deed as they will all be included in the monthly payments you make. All fees included in your Trust Deed will be made clear to you before you commit to the Trust Deed. A Trust Deed may affect your credit rating. A Trust Deed is not the same as sequestration or bankruptcy and is not publicly advertised though will appear on the ‘Individual Insolvency Register’. In England, Wales and North- ern Ireland a similar scheme called IVAs (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) are available instead of Trust Deeds.

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Absolutely fantastic, everything went very smoothly and couldn’t have asked for a better service, Claire was fantastic and explained everything very clearly too. Keep up the good work.

Mrs McLeod

Very satisfied with the service I has received, Especially Joe as I was very apprehensive and scared at first about taking out the arrangement, however he put me at ease explaining everything. Overall very happy with the service.

Miss Largo